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advisors include:
literally escaping stuckness during Harvey & making it from Harvey to safe home: Luis Zuleta Benavides & Ahmed Abdulmajeed
bath co-enthusiast: Ryan Dennis
DJs as algorithm designers: MeKeva McNeil, Jason Woods
care, caring curation, careful breaking of walls: Jewel Hosman, Taraneh Fazeli, Cassie Thornton
thinktank at Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency #169:  visual art cohort of been-around Claire Pentecost, Jane Deschner, Meredith Drum, Claire Lewis Evans, Carolyn Lambert, Patrick Miller Gamble, Zhiyuan Yang, Maria Dumlao
launch event electronics design: Eric Todd
launch event tank table and shower wall design and build: Christopher Huron
launch event logistics and support: Mario Rodriguez, Julia Green, Monte Large, Saxton Fischer, Ashura Bayyan, Sixto Wagan, MeKeva McNeil, Patrick Miller Gamble, Dean Liscum, Meagan Easley, Chris Valdez, Jake Margolin
active research games: Chris Valdez, Ashura Bayyan, Roxanna and Rocco DeBenedetto, Viju Rao, Adrienne Perry, S Rodriguez, Megan Easley
people who help me think it through: Sixto Wagan, Brandi Holmes, Aisen Caro Chacin, Megan Easley, Pia Agrawal, Chris Valdez, Ashura Bayyan, Mekeva McNeil, Christopher Huron
everyone who has listened to me pitch "Spa Embassy" in the last few years, especially you, Carol Zou, and every Korean Spa, Hammam, Banya, and bathhouse I <3
apparatus 2.0: Kelly Moore (accessibility & conceptual poeticst), David Richmond (3D modeller), Eric Todd (participatory electronics), Chris Valdez (“but make a curtain” + “people will try to put their butts in it”), Claire Drennan Jarvis (here’s how you sew…and sew a quantum vinyl staircase curtain), Uplift Desk (“we use the casters to move the desk a few feet over for vacuuming, but if you have any trouble rolling it through all of Houston let us know…here’s $75 off”), Patrick Renner (co-design of multiple elements, troubleshooting, and fabrication), Every Woman that Works at Gulfgate Home Depot Plumbing Department
all the help: Dean Liscum (reach outs, acrylic sourcing, transport with load/unload & saving the day)


I’m an artist interested in people’s capacity to reimagine their space. I’ve explored this in many ways, including in:

1998 with models I made with my best friend Melissa Wolter, of safe homes which we had not experienced but which we could somehow make up and make real, even if in miniature, then made clubhouses all up and down our suburb, making and taking up space
2009-2016 with making art projects with refugee students resetelled in Houston and piloting an artist residency linking multidisciplinary artists chosen by the middle schoolers and contemporary artists from Myanmar
2011-2015 with Hear Our Houston, an online library of public generated audio walking tours
2012 with Care House, a memorial the size of a home considering caregiving and cancer after the loss of my Mom
2016 with Incommensurate Mapping, curated by Dean Daderko as one of the three first solo shows of Houston artists in the upstairs of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. I used the chance (and various architectural models) to reimagine what the museum could be with visitor and student input, and excavated missions from the museum’s visionary past
2017 as an inaugural fellow with Project Row Houses / UH College of the Arts Center for Art and Social Engagement researching “Survival Creativity,”of which this project is a continuation



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